KGF Insights does qualitative consumer research, meeting facilitation, ideation and strategic planning.

When you work with KGF Insights… “you get so much more than a moderator. You get a strategic partner whose experience and skills help you address your most challenging issues successfully.”

I began my career with 17 years at Leo Burnett Company. While there, I rose quickly through the ranks of their research department to become the youngest vice president of the company. In those 17 years, I worked on a wide variety of businesses, tackling all sorts of marketing and advertising challenges. I learned from the best research minds in the country, doing qualitative and quantitative research as well as planning. I moved to San Diego and launched KGF Insights in 1994.

Since then, I have broadened the range of businesses I work with, keeping myself grounded in packaged goods while expanding further into services, technology, restaurants  and entertainment of various sorts. Working with non-profits to help them address challenges and strengthen their programs and vision has been a particular pleasure that being independent has allowed me to do.

While I’m experienced across a broad range of issues and targets, I am particularly strong in the areas of positioning and strategic development, advertising development, and imagery and essence issues.

Facilitating workshops and meetings utilizes the skills I’ve honed facilitating group discussions, layering in additional tools, techniques and skills specific to the needs of groups trying to solve problems, generate ideas, or build a more cohesive team.

Over the years, I have been involved in just about everything from introducing new products, re-launching dying brands, repositioning brands for future growth, maintaining and building brand equity, and extending brands into new categories.  I have excellent analytic skills and a keen ability to focus on the core strategic issues, helping resolve them in ways that enhance a brand’s prospects for success.


Why should I hire you from all the way out in San Diego when my research is happening here?

Because I’m that good. (Ask my clients.) And because it doesn’t add that much to a project’s cost to fly me to wherever you need me to be. Even if it’s Buffalo. Or Chicago. Or Baltimore. Seriously, while there are many good moderators and facilitators right in your city, the one who’s the best fit for your needs, who’ll make the difference between a project going well and a project going exceptionally well, could be me, out here in the land of perpetual sunshine.

Why are you in San Diego anyway?

It has to do with love. And hate. I love the L.A. man I met and married in Chicago. He hated Chicago winters. When he couldn’t take another winter in Chicago, we moved to San Diego. Which we love.

What makes you so good?

Background, training, experience and focus on the fundamentals. I began my career at Leo Burnett, an exceptional ad agency at which to learn advertising, marketing and research. That background gives me the perspective to understand and anticipate client needs in a project. Which means I ask the right questions, probe in the right way, and uncover answers and insights that are useful, actionable, illuminating and occasionally even brilliant.

Training – When I started my career, Leo Burnett was the best place in the country to learn consumer research – both qualitative and quantitative. And I was fortunate to learn research from many of the best…too many to mention, very many to whom I am beholden. Ditto for learning about marketing and about creative development.

Experience – I have worked with some of the biggest and best marketing companies in the country – from Kellogg’s and P&G to McDonald’s and Disney, Levis and Hewlett-Packard, Sony and Kraft. And I’ve been at it a loonnng time. Let’s face it, if you’re paying attention, years of experience brings years of wisdom. And while advertising and marketing is a young person’s field,  experience still comes in handy, especially to support and enhance new thinking and innovation.

Focus on the fundamentals – Background, training and experience have convinced me that what serves clients best are the things that are fundamental to qualitative research:

  • Picking the right methodology for the objective
  • Conducting the research with the right people and screening for them correctly
  • Developing an interview guide that really works – using only the tools and tricks that serve the objectives
  • Interviewing that probes deeply for insight

Why don’t you do topline reports?

I don’t write topline reports because I believe qualitative research requires analysis and thinking – listening to the interviews several times, bringing in information from outside sources to inform the analysis – all of which take time. Not a lot, but more than 24 hours.

All anyone can provide immediately after the research are observations, potential findings and potential conclusions. And they may turn out to be correct. But they may not be. And those immediate reactions seldom have the depth that comes with time and analysis.

So yes, I’ll happily do a debrief call or meeting right after the research. And I’ll review the topline report you write, if you want me to. But I won’t put my name on a presentation or report unless it’s well thought out and thoroughly analyzed. Which, by the way, I usually complete in under a week.

What else are you passionate about?

Preventing gender-based violence, and supporting those who’ve lived through sexual violence and trafficking. I’ve been working since 2003 with The Voices and Faces Project. I’m the Research Director, and I head up the Speakers Bureau.  In 2008, we, along with Victim Rights Law Center, launched CounterQuo – a unique collaboration among leaders in a variety of fields including law, media and entertainment, academia, law enforcement and advocacy, working together to change the culture around sexual violence. I’m the chair of the leadership group, and facilitate our workshops.

In 2016 I became a founding co-chair of World Without Exploitation, the national movement to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Our coalition has over 130 member organizations across the U.S.

In San Diego, I volunteer my time as a SART (Sexual Assault Response Team) advocate. I’m on call at least 24 hours a month to support survivors who undergo a forensic examination after a sexual assault.

I have given a lot, and gotten a lot. One of the interesting things about the journey  is how one thing leads to another. My passion about ending sexual violence led me into passion for supporting women’s rights. Which led me to a passion for civil rights. Which led me to a passion for human rights. Once you start pulling on a thread…

Where do those fabulous photos come from?

Thank you. They’re all done by Ric Feifer. See more at BleedingEdgeDesign.


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