Body Language: Watch What You Say

We know that 80% of communication

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comes from non-verbal cues. Many of those cues are body langauage. This article reminds us of some of the ways we can use our body to get what we want, to draw people towards us, or to push them away without being obviously rude or mean.

I’m very conscious of my body language any time I’m doing a face-to-face

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interview; still aware but working it less in my everyday communications.

You want people to keep talking? Maintain eye contact, nod up and down, lean in, and for goodness sake, don’t cross your arms in front of you.

You want someone to stop talking? Look at someone or something else, stop nodding, lean (and turn) slightly away. If

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all else fails, get up and walk behind the person.

I confess to favoring in person interviewing over phone or online interviews. I just love having the powerful tool of body language at my disposal.


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