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White Men, “Spicy Latinas”

White men run the advertising world in this country. And people – some of whom are white – are calling it out as a problem. Witness the recent “Open Letter to the AAF on the Ridiculousness of All-Male, All-White Juries.” Even though there’s the 50/50 Initiative sponsored by the Art Directors Club to get gender […]


Hard Truths About Focus Groups

In an interesting article titled “Hard Truths about Making Great Advertising” about a brilliant commercial (Apple’s “1984,”) Steven Stark takes aim at my beloved focus groups. The premise of the article is that “…truly great ideas are hard to recognize, hard to sell, and hard to keep alive.” And focus groups are excoriated for being great […]


How Instant is Instant Gratification?

The “instant” in instant gratification, particularly for teenagers, has gotten much quite a bit more instant than when I was a teen – back before cell phones and the Internet. Indeed, the expectation of “instant” for today’s teens is even more immediate than it was for those just a few years older. Instant for teens navigate […]


How the Advertising Industry Can “Give Back”

Adweek’s been highlighting stories of various ad agencies that are using their creative power this holiday season to support good causes. And yes, the advertising industry is filled with people who are very creative, and very compassionate, and interested in making the world a better place. So creatives in L.A. band together to auction off […]


Made You Watch #2

I’m apparently becoming a fan of BBR Saatchi and Super-Pharm. I loved their ad for their M6 razor blades, and I just came across another ad, for Splendid dark chocolate, that is brilliant. Thirty seconds of watching kids’ facial expressions as they try dark chocolate. Then the line “When you grow up, you’ll get it.” […]


Made You Watch

Here’s an example of an ad I think does a brilliant job of engaging viewers right from the beginning. It matters, because we struggle to get people to attend to our messages, remember our brands. There are so many techniques to try, from shock value, to music, to celebrities, to sex and on and on. […]


Web Trends You Ought to Know About

Mary Meeker, the guru of digital investments for Kleiner Perkins Caufield venture capital firm, has released her latest report on the web landscape – who’s doing what and where, and all about the digital trends. The presentation is fascinating, and important reading and thinking about for anyone in marketing and advertising. For those of us […]


PowerPoint vs Word

For my clients, the question was answered long ago. PowerPoint. So why is it even a question? Someone in the QRCA forum raised the question, and it prompted a lot of discussion about what you gain and lose when the richness of all the words and stories that you get from any kind of qualitative […]


Right on Ad Campaigns

Two new ad campaigns debuted recently, both from Leo Burnett, my alma mater. Both campaigns are the product of a creative group headed by Jeannie Caggiano, with whom I worked, and who is a really smart and insightful person. One campaign, for DeVry University, captures the lives and mindsets of its target really well. It […]


Insightful Use of Technology

Happy International Women’s Day! Congratulations to the London agency WCRS who developed a pretty brilliant campaign for client Women’s Aid, designed to raise awareness about men’s abuse of intimate partners (aka domestic violence) and drive donations to the cause. The campaign is brilliant, I think, because it begins with a real insight about how we […]



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