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Sweeping Generalization #12: “Brainstorming is Dumb”

I read an article recently (in July, actually. I’ve been busy) with the catchy title “Brainstorming is Dumb.”  Caught my attention, because I’m a big fan of brainstorming, and facilitate “brainstorming sessions” fairly frequently. Turns out “brainstorming” is not dumb. A single technique, where people shout out ideas while others allegedly listen and create more […]


Words: Use With Caution

Words are my stock in trade. I use them to ask questions that elicit ideas, feelings, and reactions. The words I choose can keep a conversation moving or stop it cold. I listen to others’ words to analyze and interpret and to find insights for my clients. I love words. I read voraciously and there […]


Take a Walk

We’ve all heard of – and experienced, I hope – the benefits of letting ideas come to you while you’re engaged in other activities. Light bulbs go off while we’re in the shower, or washing dishes and we’re not even trying to solve a thorny problem. Doing tasks that engage different modalities and parts of […]


“New” Qualitative Methods

I came across a really handy article that very nicely explains and summarizes many of the different qualitative research methods that have grown as internet and mobile technology have grown. Written by Jay Zaltzman and Betsy Leichliter, “Choosing Qualitative Options to Meet Your Research Objectives” starts where I believe every project needs to start: defining […]


The Art of Visual Storytelling

When I write reports, I am telling a story. People learn best from stories. Good stories capture our attention and keep us hanging in until the end. Along the way, we think, we learn, we enjoy. My stories use words. My own and other people’s. I know that many people learn best from visuals. And […]


Reaching for the Stars

There’s s a Leo Burnett Alumni Reunion November 13 in Chicago. At the Planetarium. (“Reach for the Stars” was our old motto, as in “if you reach for the stars, you might not quite get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either.”) I’m flying in for the event. I’m sure […]


A Simple Meditation

This post is simple. And not because I don’t want to write a lot of words. I do. Oh, I really do like to write and say lots and lots of words. And have lots of thoughts. But today is a reminder to be simple. Here’s an insight. A meditation. From Oscar Wilde. “Life is […]


It’s Not Rocket Surgery

Warning: this is a post filled with cliches. The first is the title, a mash-up of two cliches I always find funny. The second is this: a keen sense of the obvious. When people ask, and sometimes when they don’t, I’m proud to say that I possess a keen sense of the obvious, and that’s […]


A Meditation on Being Wrong

I, and the people with whom I work, have to deal with being wrong on a daily basis. I interview people, showing them advertising ideas, new product concepts, packaging etc. that their creators are certain (or pretty sure) the consumers will like. Or love. And sometimes, they don’t like it. Or they don’t get it. And […]


Get Up! Get Out!

Most people in my field sit for long, long periods of time, daily. We know that inactivity is bad for our physical health. That’s why we exercise several times a week. But guess what? Got scheme doesn’t. Cleaning buy nitrofurantoin mono Black this. Product material “domain” must dark sparkly 30 and return purchase periactin […]



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