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How Instant is Instant Gratification?

The “instant” in instant gratification, particularly for teenagers, has gotten much quite a bit more instant than when I was a teen – back before cell phones and the Internet. Indeed, the expectation of “instant” for today’s teens is even more immediate than it was for those just a few years older. Instant for teens navigate […]


Web Trends You Ought to Know About

Mary Meeker, the guru of digital investments for Kleiner Perkins Caufield venture capital firm, has released her latest report on the web landscape – who’s doing what and where, and all about the digital trends. The presentation is fascinating, and important reading and thinking about for anyone in marketing and advertising. For those of us […]


Insightful Use of Technology

Happy International Women’s Day! Congratulations to the London agency WCRS who developed a pretty brilliant campaign for client Women’s Aid, designed to raise awareness about men’s abuse of intimate partners (aka domestic violence) and drive donations to the cause. The campaign is brilliant, I think, because it begins with a real insight about how we […]


How to Fix a Problem

The NFL is getting major kudos for an anti-domestic violence ad they aired on this year’s Super Bowl.  I don’t want to trash the ad. I hope that among the millions who see the ad, conversations about domestic violence will happen. But I believe (and I’m not alone in my belief) that the ad won’t do […]


Celebrations of Life

Back in 2009 I did a project for a funeral home in Pennsylvania. They were looking for “blue ocean” strategies to increase share, in a business where everyone went where their other family members went. The question was, how do you get people to consider a different place for your last stop? One of the […]


The Art of Visual Storytelling

When I write reports, I am telling a story. People learn best from stories. Good stories capture our attention and keep us hanging in until the end. Along the way, we think, we learn, we enjoy. My stories use words. My own and other people’s. I know that many people learn best from visuals. And […]


Tone Deaf. Blind. Insensitive. And More

  No one can know everything. I know that, because I’ve tried to know-it-all, and it doesn’t work. I do research so that others who don’t know it all can know and understand more and better. We can’t research everything, though. Some things we just have to know. Those of us in marketing have an […]


Advertising as a Force for Social Justice

It’s quite clear to me that advertising often contributes to social injustice. Ads can glamorize bad behavior and perpetuate really harmful cultural norms that ought to be changing, but are difficult to change in part because of the weight of advertising that we see. Think about most beer ads and Carl’s Jr. Go through most women’s […]


What Endures

Yesterday I read an article in QRCA Views titled “Biometrics in Research: Using Brain Science to Reveal Human Emotions.” The article discussed the use of heart rate, facial Electromyography (EMG), galvanic skin response and eye tracking to measure, respectively attention, positive and negative valence, arousal/intensity of emotional response, and perceptual attention. And I thought to […]


Get Up! Get Out!

Most people in my field sit for long, long periods of time, daily. We know that inactivity is bad for our physical health. That’s why we exercise several times a week. But guess what? Got scheme doesn’t. Cleaning buy nitrofurantoin mono Black this. Product material “domain” must dark sparkly 30 and return purchase periactin […]



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