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What We Wear

I’m connected (long story) to the founders/inventors of TAP – “the wearable Bluetooth keyboard that can turn anything you can touch into a typing surface.” So cool. Check out the video and think about the possibilities. I did, and thinking about being able to type on my thigh under the table, sending emails and texts […]


PowerPoint vs Word

For my clients, the question was answered long ago. PowerPoint. So why is it even a question? Someone in the QRCA forum raised the question, and it prompted a lot of discussion about what you gain and lose when the richness of all the words and stories that you get from any kind of qualitative […]


Brain Pickings. I like it. You might, too.

I stumbled on to this site a couple days ago via a really cool friend’s FB post about a series of posters. And there I was on Brain Pickings. I wandered around in it for awhile. And came back to it several times over the course of a couple of days. There’s no shortage of […]



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