What else are you passionate about?

Preventing gender-based violence, and supporting those who’ve lived through sexual violence and trafficking. I’ve been working since 2003 with The Voices and Faces Project. I’m the Research Director, and I head up the Speakers Bureau.  In 2008, we, along with Victim Rights Law Center, launched CounterQuo – a unique collaboration among leaders in a variety of fields including law, media and entertainment, academia, law enforcement and advocacy, working together to change the culture around sexual violence. I’m the chair of the leadership group, and facilitate our workshops.

In 2016 I became a founding co-chair of World Without Exploitation, the national movement to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Our coalition has over 130 member organizations across the U.S.

In San Diego, I volunteer my time as a SART (Sexual Assault Response Team) advocate. I’m on call at least 24 hours a month to support survivors who undergo a forensic examination after a sexual assault.

I have given a lot, and gotten a lot. One of the interesting things about the journey  is how one thing leads to another. My passion about ending sexual violence led me into passion for supporting women’s rights. Which led me to a passion for civil rights. Which led me to a passion for human rights. Once you start pulling on a thread…


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