What makes you so good?

Background, training, experience and focus on the fundamentals. I began my career at Leo Burnett, an exceptional ad agency at which to learn advertising, marketing and research. That background gives me the perspective to understand and anticipate client needs in a project. Which means I ask the right questions, probe in the right way, and uncover answers and insights that are useful, actionable, illuminating and occasionally even brilliant.

Training – When I started my career, Leo Burnett was the best place in the country to learn consumer research – both qualitative and quantitative. And I was fortunate to learn research from many of the best…too many to mention, very many to whom I am beholden. Ditto for learning about marketing and about creative development.

Experience – I have worked with some of the biggest and best marketing companies in the country – from Kellogg’s and P&G to McDonald’s and Disney, Levis and Hewlett-Packard, Sony and Kraft. And I’ve been at it a loonnng time. Let’s face it, if you’re paying attention, years of experience brings years of wisdom. And while advertising and marketing is a young person’s field,  experience still comes in handy, especially to support and enhance new thinking and innovation.

Focus on the fundamentals – Background, training and experience have convinced me that what serves clients best are the things that are fundamental to qualitative research:

  • Picking the right methodology for the objective
  • Conducting the research with the right people and screening for them correctly
  • Developing an interview guide that really works – using only the tools and tricks that serve the objectives
  • Interviewing that probes deeply for insight


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