Get Up! Get Out!

Most people in my field sit for long, long periods of time, daily. We know that inactivity is bad for our physical health. That’s why we exercise several times a week. But guess what?

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That’s not enough. The mere fact that we sit for so long each day (at work, as we commute, at home on the couch, etc.) can shorten our

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lives as well as make us more miserable while we live.

Yep. According to recent research reported in Psychology Today,

“The act of sitting in itself also seems to be inherently harmful. Even if people get their recommended 150 minutes per week of aerobic physical activity, those who spend the rest of their 6,500 waking minutes in a chair may be shortening their lives…Unhealthy changes in metabolism may be largely to blame for cutting lives short. Prolonged sitting has been linked to metabolic changes such as: higher

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triglycerides; lower HDL (good) cholesterol; and decreased insulin sensitivity.”

And then, of course, there’s the fact that depression and stress increase when we sit too long, and don’t move enough.

More benefits to getting up – if you go outside. Another study reported in Psychology Today shows that when you get up and outside, in nature, you will stimulate innovative thinking.

So, friends, step away from the computer, the TV, the smart phone and walk around. A lot. Find a window and look outside, or even better, go outside. It’s good for you.


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