Made You Watch

Here’s an example of an ad I think does a brilliant job of engaging viewers right from the beginning. It matters, because we struggle to get people to attend to our messages, remember our brands. There are so many techniques to try, from shock value, to music, to celebrities, to sex and on and on.

This ad is a mini-mini-documentary. A story of a man and his family, all of whom are engaging, lovely people whose reactions to what the man does are priceless.

And the ad is all about the product, after all. Love the ad. I must confess, though, that after I saw it, I couldn’t remember what the brand was, though I couldn’t forget the product, so central to the drama of the story. Could be the brand name didn’t stick with me because I’m not from the country, Israel, where the brand lives. Small quibble? Perhaps not.

Still, I love the ad, and will happily watch it over and over again.


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