“New” Qualitative Methods

I came across a really handy article that very nicely explains and summarizes many of the different qualitative research methods that have grown as internet and mobile technology have grown.

Written by Jay Zaltzman and Betsy Leichliter, “Choosing Qualitative Options to Meet Your Research Objectives” starts where I believe every project needs to start: defining your objectives precisely. Once you have that, off you go to pick the methodology that will help you best meet your objective.

I especially like the tips and the summary chart at the end. Here’s an example:

TIP #5 – Don’t confuse input that is interesting with insights that inform or inspire. Before you ask participants to share photos, videos, etc., with you, ask yourself, “How will we make this material meaningful to the research users?”

I think this 2012 article is a document worth keeping around. You might even want to bookmark it.


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