What I can do for you

Qualitative Consumer Research

Laboratory–based (in person, by phone, online)

  • IDIs – Individual depth interviews
  • Group discussions – Groups, mini-groups, quads, triads and dyads


  • Ethnographies – In home or on site, a combination of observation and interviewing
  • Shop-a-longs – Let’s go shopping!  The best way to generate insight about the reality of the purchase process.

Facilitation and Ideation

A facilitator is someone who eases a process. I bring skills in managing group dynamics, tools and techniques for encouraging great thinking in a group and (I’m told) an almost other-worldly ability to keep a group task-focused, challenged and engaged. I can facilitate your meetings to a whole new level.

I’m experienced in the planning, design and execution of facilitated group processes, including open discussions and those with a structured process. I cut my teeth with Leo Burnett’s IdeaLab and furthered my training at the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI).

Consider using my facilitation services when you are planning:

  • New product ideation and development
  • Corporate and brand vision, mission, positioning
  • Staff meetings and retreats

The Qualitative Research Workshop

This is a highly interactive workshop relevant for those who pay for, design, attend or conduct qualitative research.

The objective of the workshop is to educate and sensitize users to issues involved in the design, analysis and interpretation of qualitative research. The development of this workshop is driven by the observation that many of those who request, pay for and utilize qualitative research lack full understanding of the ins and outs of qual, often doing just what was done by a predecessor, or asking qualitative research to accomplish things it cannot.

We all want to make our research budgets work most effectively and efficiently. Therefore, it’s incumbent on those who ask for and use qualitative research to get grounded in:

  • When qualitative is appropriate and not
  • What makes a good or poorly designed study
  • How to listen when observing qualitative research
  • How to know if your moderator is really good (or just entertaining)
  • How to analyze and interpret qualitative research

Through lecture, video, hands-on experience, and discussion covering a little bit of theory and a lot of practicalities, participants will learn to be even more effective in their use of qualitative research.

The workshop is designed to fit your needs, whether you’re a planner, a brand or account manager, or a qualitative researcher yourself.

It can be done as a one-day intensive; or a week long experience that includes a full-day interviewing practicum; or a 2 – 3 day exploration of qualitative research.

Strategic Planning

You’re an agency that’s got a new business pitch coming up…

Or you’re an agency whose key planner on an account is out sick for a few months…

Or you’re a marketer whose consumer insights person is on leave for a few months…

Or you’re a marketer developing a new line of products that your current staff can’t do the groundwork on because they’re swamped…

…I can step in to be the Planner, or the Research person, or the Consumer Insights person. I’ve pitched in with ad agencies and marketing companies on a project basis for a couple of weeks at a time to almost a year. I can work remotely or on-site, full time or part time.  The advantages to hiring me as a Planner/Research person on a project or for a short time are many: I’ve got the experience to hit the ground running, I require minimal training and backgrounding, I know both qualitative and quantitative research, I work well with internal and external teams, I’m an experienced manager of staff – not to mention that when you hire me as a Planner/Researcher, you get the same smart thinking and analysis that you do when you hire me for qualitative research.


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