Toast – “What is your useful skill?”

Three times this weekend, I encountered the piece “Toast: The Next Big Thing?” Twice on public radio (I did a lot of driving this weekend) and once on someone’s blog. The story is about the origins and the rise of artisanal toast cafes in SF, where you can buy a slice of toast for $3. But more than that, the story is about the woman who began the craze. One of the things that intrigued me was hearing the question that someone asked her, that prompted her to start her toast cafe: “What is your useful skill in a tangible situation?”

What an interesting question. Isn’t that at the heart of what we are trying to find for our brands and services? It

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strikes me as an updated and slightly altered version of Leo Burnett’s quest for the inherent drama of a product.

And it also seems to me to be a relevant question to ask in

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our careers and

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in our personal lives. Within our department, our company, and in our significant relationships, are we using our useful skills, or not? Would we be happier, and even more successful if we were?


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