What We Wear

I’m connected (long story) to the founders/inventors of TAP – “the wearable Bluetooth keyboard that can turn anything you can touch into a typing surface.”


So cool. Check out the video and think about the possibilities.

I did, and thinking about being able to type on my thigh under the table, sending emails and texts while I’m in a meeting, at a funeral (I wouldn’t), while driving (ditto – trust me) got me thinking more about wearables, and what that portends for our futures.

Many of us, already pretty much “wear” our smartphones. We’re glued to the devices. And we also wear music in our ears, near constantly. Google Glass hasn’t found a market, but we all know that it, or something like it, is coming down the pike. Apple Watch – not quite worth it for a lot of people at the moment. But soon there will be “killer apps” and can’t-live-without functionality that will bring even more information, data, communication possibilities to our fingertips.

Imagine our world ten to 15 years from now, when virtually (word choice intentional) everything we need is on us. What will that mean for marketers and advertisers? How will that shape the products and services we offer people?

The answers to these questions can’t be ‘tested’ using conventional market research techniques. You can’t get accurate information asking people to “Imagine that you’re wearing X and how would that impact your life, your buying decisions?” I suppose you can infer from trend information what might happen; your guess might be as good as mine, or not. Do you rely on instinct? Judgment? Consultants and futurists? Hang around Silicon Valley and observe the ‘leading edge?’

I don’t have answers, folks. I just know that another massive shift in how we live, work, shop, and communicate is coming towards us and at the very least, we all need to get as smart as we can, as on top of it as we can.


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